With great altitudinal variations, weather is quite mixed in Bhutan. So be prepared to face the unforeseen weather conditions. You may encounter change in one day weather; choose garments, which can be layered. This means that the majority of your clothing can be worn in layers, so that you can put on more clothing if it is cold, or take off layers as it gets warmer.

In general, from June to September cottons and a good sweater will be enough, but from October to May you will need warm clothes including long underwear or woollen tights to wear under trousers, a down jacket or a warm coat, warm mufflers and hand gloves.

Visitors should bring an umbrella or a rain jacket. Light comfortable snickers are good for short walk/hike, while trekking boots are necessary if you come for a trek. Being situated in high altitude, the sun is intense, so we recommend bringing a sun lotions, hat, sunglasses, and barrier cream for your nose and lips in your packing list.

We expect visitors to dress modestly and respectfully especially if you are planning a visit to the Temples, Monasteries, Dzongs (fortresses) and other religious institutions. Long pants and long sleeved tops should be worn when visiting such places. As a mark of respect, please be kind enough to remove your hats, caps, etc. as you enter religious and administrative premises, institutions and in any other place as you come across with the national flag being raised. Moreover our tour managers/escorts will inform you during your visits to above premises.

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