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‘Sharing Cultural values and connecting people’

Are you ready to show your students the trip of a lifetime? With Lost Horizon Travel, student travel is the experience that teachers have always wanted it to be. We specialize in building custom student travel tours, ensuring that every item on the itinerary is tailored to your specific goals. As a leading innovative travel company we have already helped many student travel groups enjoy wonderful, educational, and fun experiences in villages, towns throughout the Bhutan.

Our foreign student educational tour programs includes exposure to Bhutan’s living culture, interaction with the locals, visits to the remote schools and initiative of community projects and more.

When you work with us you won’t just be getting a stock of pre-planned student travel tours: we create a customized experience for all student travel groups. Our student travel professionals will work with your individual situation, creating a trip that maximizes the fun and education of your trip while staying within your budget requirements.

As soon as you start planning your trip with us you’ll be able to start customizing it. Looking around our website, you won’t see a form asking you to select a tour from a pre-arranged list. Instead we asks about the needs of your particular group. From basics like destination to specifics such as pools, security, and options for excessive driving time, you’ll be able to customize your student travel tours from the very first minute you contact us. Lost Horizon Travel look forward to workout on a lifetime experience student educational tours for the foreign students.

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