Lost Horizon Travel preserves and enhances the travel experience for future generations. We channel the philanthropic passion and commitment of many travelers to protect and restore valuable destinations we all care about and to support those destinations as engines for prosperity, civil society, and pride in their communities. We dedicate ourselves to making a difference in many lives in rural Bhutan.

Lost Horizon Travel is a travel company that gives back to people, communities and the environment. We go beyond sustainable tourism to what we call transformative travel. We are in the position to help our clients who are interested in philanthropic activities to connect with people and projects that matter. If you chose to do a charity cycling or walking, which involves fundraising for our company’s philanthropy program, we will give you the lowest possible tour price without making any profit for our company. We care more about helping the community than making profit, so we feel strongly that those who are helping rural Bhutan should not have to pay expensive travel costs.

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Lost Horizon Travel

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